Ovic – Pin Map


First, creating pin map for the page that you want to show this shortcode

Negative to Ovic > Pin Mapper > Add new > Enter Title

Now continue to click mouse on the image, it will display pin icons like this. And we have some icons of pin mapper:

Pin settings:

When you use the mouse and click one time to banner, it will allow to create a new pin icon. Now, let understand more about it’s configuration when clicking on the icon:

  • General tab – WooCommerce: It allows you to select a product – displayed with thumbnail, description and rate.
    * In the Select product box: You should enter manually the name of product here to make sure that this product will be shown out when you hover to on front end

    Display in front end:
  • General tab – Image: The popup displays with title and image. Even you can add link for image
  • General tab – Text:

  • General tab – Link: This allows you to add popup title and link that leads to product detail page

  • Icon settings tab – Image: This is the default pin icon image, or you can select another image to make it to be the pin icon
  • Icon settings tab – Area text: With this section, you can freely modify the style of pin icon

    – Text: TEST (for example)
    – Font size of text
    – Text color of text
    – Width, Height, Border Width and Border Radius: for the pin icon. You can change these parameters then you will see the different.
  • Popup settings tab: You can style for the popup which is displayed on homepage with the Width, Height and Position (you can put the popup to be displayed on left/ right/ top/ bottom position of pin icon)

Besides, there are some other configurations to make your page displays more perfect


If you want pin mapper display in any where, you can select Pin Mapper Style in shortcode Pin Map

And here, the complete shortcode will display

In Homepage


In About Us page