Ovic – Pin Mapper

This new feature allows you to pin a specific item (either a product image or text) to a banner in homepage. It works that when you hover into the position you have pinned, the data you have set in the back end will be displayed

Negative to Ovic > Pin Mapper > Add new then add content for a new pin mapper

Now continue to click mouse on the image, it will display pin icons like this. And we have some icons of pin mapper:

Pin settings:

When you use the mouse and click one time to banner, it will allow to create a new pin icon. Now, let understand more about it’s configuration when clicking on the icon:

  • General tab – WooCommerce: It allows you to select a product – displayed with thumbnail, description and rate.
    * In the Select product box: You should enter manually the name of product here to make sure that this product will be shown out when you hover to on front end
  • General tab – Image: The popup displays with title and image. Even you can add link for image
  • General tab – Text:
  • General tab – Link: This allows you to add popup title and link that leads to product detail page

  • Icon settings tab – Image: This is the default pin icon image. You can choose this and put link
  • Icon settings tab – Area text: With this section, you can freely modify the style of pin icon

    – Text: TEST (for example)
    – Font size of text
    – Text color of text
    – Width, Height, Border Width and Border Radius: for the pin icon. You can change these parameters then you will see the different.
  • Popup settings tab: You can style for the popup which is displayed on homepage with the Width, Height and Position (you can put the popup to be displayed on left/ right/ top/ bottom position of pin icon)