Ovic – Products


General tab:

[1] Title: Enter title for product if you want

[2] Product list style: There are 2 style: Owl Carousel and Grid Bootstrap

[3] Product style; There are 2 styles as you can see with the image preview for each one: style 1 and style 2

[4] Image size: There are several sizes that you can choose for your product images. However if you want to set your own size, you can choose Custom then you will be able to set the width and height of product images in [5]

Product Options tab:

[6] Target: There are several targets you can select. And if you choose target is Products, you are able to add the specific products manually

Carousel Settings / Boostrap Settings tab

If you choose Product list style is Grid Boostap or Owl Carousel, it will appear the corresponding tab in order to make you can setup some configs like displaying in each screen, number of rows, ….

Design Options tab











































Displaying in front end with 2 styles:

Style 1

Style 2