2. Newsletter Popup Settings

Newsletter Popup gives you the ability to have an email subscription modal popup. Each time a new user visits your site, the user will see the modal popup for an email subscription.

Go to Theme Options > Newsletter Settings to change your Newsletter:


Look at the above picture, you will see General settings of Popup Newsletter:

[1] Enable Popup Newsletter: By clicking On to enable Popup Newsletter, otherwise click Off.

[2] Page Popup Newsletter: Select a page for Popup Newsletter here.

[3] Popup Background: Click on “Add Image” to select background image for Popup Newsletter.

[4] Title: You can input the Title here.

[5] Description: You can input the description of Newsletter here.

[6] Input Placeholder: You can input the Placeholder here.

[7] Button: You can setup the content of button here.

[8] Delay Time: You can setup the delay time here.

[9] Enable Poppup on Mobile: By clicking On to enable popup on Mobile, otherwise click Off.