How to create Mega Menu

This guideline will help you how to create Mega menu as well as to change the banners, menu’s name, …. for menu items

Here we will make the guideline with menu item: FEATURES

1. Create menu items
Negative to Appearance > Menus > in Edit Menus tab, create a new menu

[1] Menu name: Put menu name then [2] Save your manipulation

[3] In Custom Links tab in the left, please add the URL and Link Text

[4] Add to menu your adding.

There, you will see all menu items with the same manipulation

2. Add the menu items to Primary Menu

In Main Menu, click on the Settings button of the menu that you want to add mega menu items you have created above to. Here we choose FEATURES

Go to inner page, you will see 3 tabs:

♦ Settings tab:

♦ Icons tab

♦ Content tab: Use some shortcodes to style for you mega menu, and use shortcode Ovic: Custom Menu to build menu

When you build Ovic: Custom Menu, you can add the mega menu you’ve created on [1] above.

Now, let see how your menu displays with the corresponding possitions: